MY Path to Healing

From June 2014 to June 2016 I went from 290 lbs to 180 lbs, seven medications to no medications, and sedentary hermit life to the lifestyle and activities of my dreams. Here’s the story (gory details included).

Weight Loss, Nutrition and Wellness


Transformation is a topic I am familiar with. Its how a 290 pound sick guy who couldn’t walk a quarter of a mile goes to a 180 pound well guy who hikes ten miles, then go does other stuff. In less than two years. Its about creating a vision of an ideal self and then working towards that vision bit-by-bit, day-by-day across multiple dimensions of self. It’s a holistic, natural and ongoing process, like the growth of a tree. A It can involve expanding the scope of our ideas about topics surrounding our overall wellness. Such as expanding the scope of nutrition to encompass everything that feeds us, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

Photo journal

Adventures on the trail and road

I like moving. Whether in a vehicle or on my feet. With or without a destination in mind. Everything on this site revolves around a holistic wellness journey. My hikes and trips serve my wellness on multiple levels. I like bundling stuff.

Here are some of the photographic journeys. 

On Walden Pond
A walk about Walden Pond and a visit to the bean field, cabin site, grave and mind of Henry David Thoreau and the ponderings of the saunter.
Salmon River to Day Pond Brook Falls
Four-mile out and back from Comstock Covered Bridge to Day Pond Brook Falls through Salmon River State Forest and Day Pond State Park in Colchester, Connecticut
The Tomb of the Mummy
Is not what you'd expect to find in Middlebury, Vermont. But there it is.
Upper Hop River Trail
Which doesn't go by the Hop River. That's on the other side. Heavily Trafficked rail trail running from Manchester to Willimantic.
Institute for American Indian Studies
Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington, CT is a great, albeit small museum with a great display of artifacts and knowledgeable staff.
The First Church of Buckingham
There are special places that touch us in ways that foster and tune our connection to the divine. This is one of mine.
Gillette Castle State Park
Gillette Castle State Park has more to offer than the former home of legendary actor William Gillette. Hiking.
Valley Falls Town Park
Valley Falls is a municipal park in Vernon Connecticut with great hiking trails along both sides of a river.
Veterans Memorial Rose Garden
Norwich, Connecticut's Parks & Rec. Dept. does an excellent job with the funding they have.. Example bieing: The Rose Garde
Herman Covey WMA
Herman Covey Wildlife Management Area in Belchertown was one of those awesome accidental finds in Massachusetts.
John Atkinson

Health Coaching

I hold a Health Coaching Certification from Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Certificate Verification Link | What is a Health Coach?


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